I hate snow…

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It’s disgusting!

This weather is what I remember hating in Ottawa. Sure, the snow looks nice right after it’s fallen and everything is nice and white – beautiful, wonderful … just great. But shoveling the crap and then the next day when it starts to melt and/or gets frozen solid – then the cars on the roads kick up the salt, sound and crud onto the banks. It all starts looking like some big animal puked all over the city.

On top of it, I broke our ergonomic shovel – couldn’t handle the junk the plow left at the bottom of our drive… {sigh}

Ahhh…. to be on the west coast again. There, if you really want snow, you can drive to it. When it rains, at least you can still do all the stuff you usually do – you just get wet … big deal. I’m listening to the KEXP feed from Seattle right now – getting some of that laid-back vibe infused.

Oh well, enough ranting.

The Photo Shoot

I don’t know what I was expecting – I guess after Trav had done that interview with me back in Seattle with the whole pot-lights setup and such, I was expecting something like that for the photoshoot. 🙂

But Fernando showed up with his own digital camera and snapped about 40 pics in my studio last night. He sent them to me – there are definitely a couple of good ones that’ll fit into the article. Also got a copy of the article he’s submitted to his editor. Some nice writing. I’ll post a link to the site when it goes up.

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