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Well, here we go again.

I was religiously blogging before, but then stopped for some reason – dunno what happened… Hopefully this’ll go on. I was reading some of my older posts – it’s a hoot to read all that stuff again!

It’s C’s 8th birthday today! Man, he’s such an awesome little guy. I guess, his day started yesterday when we let him stay up to watch the Super Bowl. He and mom were cheering for the Patriots, but I was going for the Giants – dunno, just like going for the underdog. C wasn’t too happy about the result of the game. 🙂

He got a new Webkinz dog (a bulldog – we’ll see what he eventually names it…) and will probably be spending the lunch hour configuring the new profile on the website. He also got a couple of books – Loch Ness Monster and the Abominable Snowman – both things he’s been quite interested in the past few months. He and A got a “powerful telescope”. I have NO idea where the need for that came from!

Once today is over, then it’s A’s turn!

Got a frickin’ ticket on the weekend! The morning after the snowstorm, I was driving C and S back from swiming lessons. I’d just gotten some gas at this station up Yonge and was turning right at an intersection, looking out for any crazy drivers in the snow and got pulled over a kilometer down the road for apparently making an “illegal right on a red” – apparently there are signs there. I do not have any idea why there would be – it’s not a blind corner and there weren’t really any cars coming at all…

I’m going to be calling up today to contest the ticket and also going back there to look around. I did NOT see any signs…

God, the Toronto police department has WAY too much of a budget here with their parking meter maids – seemingly one for every block and then these ambush cops for insignificant and frivolous infractions…. grrrr….

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