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It came, it was here and now it’s gone. Yup, Dad’s day came and went just like any other day. C and the kids gave an hour and a half of extra sleep, a book, a new watch and some cool things made at school / preschool. We all went out to brunch and then to the zoo in the afternoon.

I can’t really speak to other dads, but I’d rather spend time with the family than by myself on Father’s day. To me, that seems more like the point. You wouldn’t be a dad without a family and having all of them around is what makes the day that much cooler.

Preview of What’s to Come

Just read in the Seattle Times that Steven Harper is scrapping the gun control program in Canada. Now, I can appreciate doing something about programs that are over budget and behind schedule, but when the intent of the program is sound, why not reform it rather than scrap it?

A mini soap-box moment:

Call me a liberal or my views as “garden variety” Canadianesque, but I view the possession of firearms as a priviledge and something that should bestowed upon people who require them to do their profession (police for obvious example). Possessing a tool that was intended to kill living things is NOT a right and should be monitored and controlled.

{stepping down now}

The only solice in seeing this headline is that when we’re back in Canada, we’ll be able to vote..

Preparing for the Weekend.

Today’s going to be a combination of things – doing some touch-up on the paint outside, mowing the lawn and finalizing the score for the recording session this weekend. I don’t know what I’d have done if I had to write out everything with pencil and paper. Thank the gods of technology for applications like Sibeius!

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