Father’s Day 2006

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Tomorrow’s the big day… Father’s Day.

This’ll be my sixth. It’s traditionally been a pretty decent day in the past – usually pretty quiet, get to sleep in a bit and spend time with the kids. It’s going to be pretty similar tomorrow I’m thinking. Except, we now have the prospect of moving back to Toronto hanging over our heads.

It’s pretty well decided. It all came to be about two weeks ago when C was starting to get the “not-so-warm-and-fuzzies” from the immigration lawyer. He apparently had some doubts that her TN visa could be renewed easily. The only real options he gave us were – you’ll have to leave at the end of the visa, or try to file for the extention and see what happens. If it doesn’t go through, then you’ll have two weeks to leave…

I’m sorry, but WTF! This is the second immigration lawyer who’s had this attitude of … oh well, if it doesn’t work out, then you can always just go back to where you came from. I can’t really get over how inconsiderate these people are of what kinds of impact this has on not only an individual’s life, but the family.

After we chatted about it, the only option that seemed to offer us the most control was to file for the extention and move back earlier than expected.

Another pet peeve I have with the US imigration program – there’s no non-green card option to stay here – even if you wanted to become a citizen. We’ve contributed to the economy in this country, we’ve paid taxes, didn’t give a whoop about not being able to vote – been anything BUT a drain on the country’s resources, but have no way to continue on without going through a barbaric work-visa system. Don’t get me started on the annual visa application process with the border guards…

Anyway, if I try and keep all that out of my mind tomorrow, then it should be a pretty decent day…

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