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Music and Sound Design

I’ve collaborated with many directors, producers, editors and artists over the years – each with their own styles and personalities – and I continue to be motivated and excited about this “job”.

Scoring Music to film (film/TV/games) is a different discipline than writing music as a “stand-alone” art. There are technical and artistic boundaries that come into play when writing music to be synchronized with visuals. On top of all that, the music needs to serve a predominantly supporting roll to the visuals.

Sound Design is a creative art just like music. However, from an audience's perspective, although a good film score may attract attention and comments - a good sound design should do the opposite.


Video Clips

Audio Clips

  1. Death and Chocolate Dave Chick 2:01
  2. Extraordinary Amy Brings Down Da Haus Dave Chick 2:34
  3. The Woman and the Bottle Dave Chick 2:38
  4. One Day Dave Chick 0:57
  5. Memories of Dad Dave Chick 1:33
  6. Kids Are Never Quiet Dave Chick 1:26
  7. The Medicine Line Dave Chick 2:15
  8. Morning Routine Dave Chick 5:27
  9. Man By The Sea Dave Chick 1:22
  10. Bad Party Dave Chick 0:41
  11. Not the Mommy Dave Chick 1:57
  12. Death Bed Dave Chick 2:08
  13. Galactic Epicness Dave Chick 2:47
  14. I Hate Spiders Dave Chick 2:45
  15. Inconceivable Dave Chick 3:25
  16. Opening Dance Number: I Just Wanna Be ME! Dave Chick 2:31
  17. 7 Years Baby Dave Chick 2:13
  18. Ouch Dave Chick 1:49
  19. Elfman Anyone? Dave Chick 2:43
  20. Chicken Squad Intelligence - Chicken Leg Kick Dave Chick 0:52
  21. The Writer Dave Chick 2:18
  22. Vile Dave Chick 2:14
  23. Project-Eugenics Dave Chick 3:41

About Dave


Music has always been part of Dave's life, but his first professional career was in the technology industry as a consultant and project manager. After almost a decade in systems consulting, he helped to open the Museum of Pop Culture (formerly known as "Experience Music Project" - a rock and roll museum) in Seattle. About five years after opening the museum, Dave made the jump into film composing and eventually started wearing other hats in the post-production audio realm - sound design, re-recording mixing, ADR recording, foley...

Dave holds a Bachelor of Music from the University of Western Ontario and a Master of Business Administration degree from McMaster University. He has also received a diploma in Audio Engineering from the University of Washington and he's a graduate of Hummie Mann's acclaimed Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Program.  His studio, where he composes, writes songs, records and mixes is located in Toronto, Ontario.

Musically, Dave's influences range from classical to jazz, blues to progressive rock, alternative pop/rock to current trends. 

  • "Having worked with Dave on a couple of projects, I can attest to his ability to deal with anything. Different projects require different approaches, and Dave has an innate ability to stretch his talents to meet those demands. He is patient and attentive, taking direction well and bringing great ideas to the table.

    He brings such joy and passion to the projects he works on. He is a great collaborator, a great person, and a very talented individual. I can't wait to work with him again." Andrew Phillip Writer / Director
  • "Dave is not only a great musician and score composer, he's an overall great collaborator who's willing to go above and beyond to make your scenes sound better and feel better. The work he did on my pilot as both composer and sound designer was absolutely phenomenal. Super recommended!" Domenico Cutrupi Writer / Director

  • "Dave is a consummate professional. He knows his craft, is obsessed with detail in the best and most necessary way, and is an absolute pleasure to work with. We'd not only recommend working with him, but Mojave will also hire him again for our next album!"

    Lisa and Paul Jarvis Songwriters & Musicians of MOJAVE
  • "Dave is very talented and a pleasure to work with. He composed the music and did final mix on my indie feature film. He was very accommodating and was able to give the movie the identity it needed and work within my limited budget. I had a wonderful time working Dave and can't wait for the next collaboration. Also, this is the most relaxed man I have ever met."

    Bojan Dulabic Writer/Director 
  • "Dave Chick's feel for composition and performance is always on target.

    Whether it's an abstract piece or some very specific need, his playing always hits the nail on the head. He's quick and a pleasure to work with and more frequently goes beyond the call of duty to deliver not only what is asked for, but offers many great ideas along the way."

    Reek Havok
    Multi-instrumentalist, Producer, Engineer and Mad Scientist

  • "Dave Chick is one of those rare composers who really listens to his clients needs and desires and matches those criteria to the production needs, before he composes his music.

    Dave comes up with the right composition to bring the production to life. His music is always on target. Combine that and being easy and fun to work with, and Dave becomes a great choice to supply your musical scores.”

    Larry D. Gertz
    Principal, L D Gertz & Associates Museum & Themepark Design

  • "Aside from being just a great all-around guy and a super nice person, Dave is extremely professional and very talented. He listens to you and makes every effort to deliver your vision--as well as adding things that you never even knew you wanted.

    He is flexible and able to work within evolving projects and deadlines. It is a pleasure to work with Dave."

    Kara Costa
    Producer - Experience Music Project

  • “Dave Chick is a serious musical talent. Over the last five years I have had the pleasure of working professionally with Dave in several different ensembles, and he is a excellent keyboardist, as well as a pleasure to work with.

    Whether he's playing Brahms or Chopin on piano, or a tearing it up on a Hammond B-3 solo, Dave plays both with style and musicality.

    His compositions are rich, and diverse. I have sincerely enjoyed our musical collaborations and look forward to our future endeavors.”

    Eddy Fergusson
    Bassist, Vocalist, Multi-instrumentalist

  • "I had a wonderful time working with Dave: there are some things I am very exacting about - and others I left to his capable judgment. He delivered exactly what I needed - the musical characterization of the theme and characters in the film, each of which required a fresh, new sound.

    Not one note in MORTAL WOUND is derived. It's original. I told Dave that we needed a completely unique sound - nothing we've heard before. He came through with flying colors - and right on time!

    I won't post any of the emails we sent flying in cyberspace, but I will say that we shared a lot of laughs at the expense of Austin Powers - now musician of mystery! 😉 "

    Colleen Patrick
    Writer - Director

  • "Not only has Dave been a great guy to interact with but he turned in 1 of my favourite remixes ever! I look forward to working with him again in the future!"

    Jody Quine
    Singer / Songwriter

  • "Dave is a dream to work with. He is very collaborative and creative in his process. He was super fast at getting back to me through email or phone. I would definitely work with him again!"

    Jazmine Campanale
    Producer / Actor

  • "Just finished a full length album with Dave, and not only did I have a blast, but it is my best album yet, according to most critics and myself as well.  

    Dave really committed to help create the sound and feel that I wanted, and was wonderful to collaborate with.  

    Never did I feel pressured into a decision, or rushed, or like my ideas weren’t listened to.  

    Dave was fantastic to work with."

    T Lizzy (f.k.a. T Riley)
    Rockstar / Director / Actor

  • "Over the last year and a bit, I have had the pleasure of working with Dave on a few of my films projects, NiiSoTeWak:Two Bodies, One Heart (2017), a CBC short documentary and OChiSkwaCho (2018), a short narrative about a sacred being. He was also kind enough to support me with another one of my short documentary's  entitled APishKweShiMon (2017).  

    He is talented, generous, fun to work with, and always open to new ideas! Dave is professional and innovative in his approach to sound design, a true sound master.  I love how he is so detail oriented, and how he focuses on every aspect of the story. I'm amazed at how he captures the essence of story with ease. I look forward to working with him on many more projects in the future!"

    Jules Koostachin
    Director / Screenwriter 

  • "Dave was an absolute game-changer for Extraordinary Amy, not only was he able to deliver incredible scores in an unbelievable turnaround, but was an excellent collaborator who came to the table with powerful suggestions and an uplifting and positive attitude!

    Dave Chick was Extraordinary Amy's MVP!"

    Topher Graham

  • "Dave Chick is not only an absolute pleasure to work with, his work is of the highest quality, he keeps even the smallest projects to a professional standard and he has a super cute dog. I would recommend him to anyone."

    Amanda Verhagen

  • "I'm not overexaggerating when I say that Dave is a wizard of sound and music. He intuitively knows what is needed for your film and will make suggestions whenever you feel stuck. Most recently, he created a spooky soundscape for the slasher/horror CAMPING TRIP and threw in a subtle sound cue for one of the characters that not only added an extra element of unease but is also a great Easter egg for close watchers to catch onto.

    During the Crazy8s process (an 8 day filmmaking contest), Dave composed beautiful, iconic music (in less than 5 days!!) for EXTRA-ORDINARY AMY - a story of a dancer with a very dark side. He was quick to respond and always on top of deadlines. At the screening gala, audience members were approaching us asking who had composed such beautiful music for our film. It's safe to say that Dave is the only guy you need for your sound needs. 

    There are so many wonderful things I could say about him and his work ethic that I could write an entire thesis paper. Thank you Dave for helping make our stories come to life and always having a smile on your face!"

    Zlatina Pacheva
    Producer / Screenwriter 

  • "I have worked with Dave as a composer, sound designer and sound mixer on various projects I have directed and every time has been a fantastic experience. He handles sessions with commitment and patience, making sure every avenue is explored and that the vision for the project is enhanced.

    The wonderful thing about working with Dave is that he brings creativity and passion to every project. He comes to the table with fresh ideas that always manage to up the film’s game. He interprets themes in such a cool and interesting way, meaning that the sound and score are always huge assets to the film whenever Dave has been involved!

    He’s a dedicated, supportive member of every creative team and he’s always the first person I call when I’m building a post-production crew for a project."

    Amy McLeish

  • "Danny Elfman, Hans Zimmer, John Williams, Dave Chick. What more is there to say really? Working with Dave Chick was

    an experience of epic proportions. His professionalism and willingness to make sure you get exactly what you want is incredible and he absolutely brought our show to life with his music. I look forward to the day we get to work together again"

    Kris McRonney
    Producer & Actor

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